URL shortening is a process by which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) can be substantially shortened for ease of use. The URL shortening tools used for the purpose make the link friendlier, especially for messaging technologies, where the number of characters used is limited. We can’t deny the importance of shortened URL links, which can be attributed to the marketing cost in SMS marketing, where you pay for each character.

Many people/brands use links on social media profiles and using a shorter one makes it nearer and more legible for the viewer. Yet, earlier this year, Google announced that it would be shutting down its URL shortening service Goo.gl by March next year. This was one of the most widely used link shortening tools, but there are other alternatives to it. Here’s a listing of the best URL shortening tools for 2019.


Bit.ly is one of the most widely used link shortening tools launched in 2008. These are very popular and you might have chanced upon this kind of link many times on the web. Using Bit.ly URL shortening tool is fairly simple. All you have to do is to copy paste the link to your website. It became popular after Twitter started using it replacing TinyURL but was eventually replaced by Twitter’s own t.co service. Any SEO company in India usually recommends using Bit.ly.


Tiny URL is another great option of URL shortening tool, which was launched in 2002 and is quite popular now. It inspired the TinyURL-whacking, where random letters and numbers can be positioned right after the first forward slash. This made users hit sites without knowing what they will be like. TinyURL also allows the users to create more meaningful aliases, which means they can create a descriptive URL and optimize it by using the keyword rather than relying on the randomized address.

Branch. Io

Branch.lo is another widely used URL shortening tool. It has been recommended as the best for Mobile SEO. It allows you to create links and integrate with other applications and track the links.


Ow.ly is a part of Hootsuite, one of the best social media sharing and monitoring tools. Users can integrate the links to their social media posts. Ow.ly not only shortens URLs but also enables sharing files and tracking visits to the websites from that link. It is SEO-friendly as the Ow.ly shortened URLs are indexable and fully-redirectable. All of the Ow.ly shortened URLs are checked against Google’s safe browsing blacklist, which prevents malware and phishing attacks.


Is.gd URL shortening tool is very simple to use as it lets you shorten a URL without the need to enter CAPTCHA codes or any additional verification. It allows personalization of the URL, where the user can create a more identifiable URL. This third party plugin is compatible with most browsers. The users can also create a barcode when generating a shortened Is.gd URL. It lets a visitor simply scan the barcode and get redirected to your website link.

With the numerous URL shortening tools available online, anyone can create and customize shortened URLs as per the requirement of the business or the platform for using it. The importance of URL shortening cannot be understated as it takes up a crucial position in strategizing digital marketing and social media marketing. If you are new to this and would like to avail assistance until you get used to it, you can hire a good digital marketing agency in India.