The next best thing about finally owning a vacation house is decorating it. Conversely, it can also be the most stressful. While decorating a vacation house is just similar to furnishing your primary residence, there are other aspects that need to be considered in detail so you can get the most out of your new investment. Read on for these tips.

Consider Your Home’s Location

Simply put, you wouldn’t choose a coastal theme for a mountain cabin. The location of your vacation home would dictate the theme of the interior. Of course, you can do whatever you want, but if you want the vibe of your immediate environment to jive with your home interior, the house’s location is the first thing to consider.

If your vacation house is situated in the mountains, a nice and warm, hygge-inspired interior would be a lovely choice. Use ample lighting, wood and whitewashed furnishings, neutral-colored fabrics, and a fireplace to complete your ensemble. Or you can go along the traditional rustic cabin look and choose beige colors, varnished finishes, leatherworks, and a combination of wood and stoneworks to seal the cozy look.

These styles go well with the frosty and frigid temperature of the highlands.

Similarly, if you have a beach house, you’d want your home to have a resort-style, laid-back ambience that will still be captivating despite the pull to adventure from the surrounding coastal wonder.

The Scandinavian style perfectly suits vacation mood at the beach, giving your home an airy atmosphere that flows throughout every room in the house. Choose white, preferably minimalist, furniture, sheer fabric for your window treatment, and only the slightest but most striking beach wall decors to give the whole setup a chic finish.

A black-and-white theme also works very well in these settings.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Often when you’re on a holiday, it’s natural to get cooped up with more people than you’re used to, especially when you’re hosting parties. But everyone deserves their own private time as well.

In this case, see to it that everyone can relax whenever you feel the need to. Don’t go cheap on your bedroom furnishings. Go for quality mattresses, and design beautiful bedrooms that will make your family and your guests look forward to quiet alone times as they are looking at the scenery and enjoying the holiday with a good book.

Keep your bedrooms light, sweet, and simple with minimal yet captivating decors that are easy on the eyes.

Be Prepared

Chances are, you’ll be inviting guests and friends over from time to time to share the holidays. Christmas or Thanksgiving, it’s always better to be prepared.

Have some backup sleeping SOPs in place for an extra couple or even a whole family. Bunk beds should be on ready, extra storage should be available, hanging rails arranged, and extra seating provided. See to it that you are able to provide a clean and comfortable place to stay for your guests as well.

No Greens? No Problem

Unless you have a maintenance person who can keep the place in shape in your absence, bringing in greens into your vacation home is out of the question.

An alternative solution is to use branches instead. They are stylish, very low-maintenance, and are guaranteed no-fuss greenery that can significantly add style to your home interiors.

Consider How You’d Like to Use It

Do you want to rent the place out while you’re not using it? If you are considering accepting tenants for your vacation home, that should include questions like the quality of material to look for, supply chain logistics, and policies that should be set in place to make sure the house is well-maintained for successive use.

Vacation homes that cater to rentals should be decorated with tenants in mind. So you may have to shell out a few thousand dollars more on purchasing durable, high-quality furniture and finishings that will stand the test of time and the frequency of use.

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your vacation home private, you can be more flexible with quality. Instead, consider adding an extra room in the house to cater to guests in case you want to host parties on weekends.

Another worthy investment is a calming, spa-like bathroom. Nothing beats cold vacation nights with nothing to do but to soak in a hot tub with a glass of good wine and a good book. Here are some awesome bathroom design inspirations.

Consider Luxury

Most people want to go on vacation because they want a change of environment. If your vacation home does not have much difference from your primary residence, then it sort of defeats its purpose.

So don’t feel bad about deciding to buy signature marble vases and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, ornate chandeliers, and dark oakwood furniture. Spoil yourself, and curate your own paradise. However, if your budget is limited, there are still proven tricks in the trade to make your vacation home look expensive.

  • Don’t splurge on cliché themes.
  • Spend well on a good painting job.
  • Take advantage of the outdoors.
  • Keep your interior furniture light.
  • Upgrade your hardware.

Consistency Is the Secret

Rhythm and coherence are the secret to a good-looking home interior. So when you’re selecting furniture pieces, see to it that they work well together. Keep a consistent design theme throughout your interiors to create an aesthetically pleasing vibe.

  • Start with a mood board. Gather up your inspirations, and choose a color palette.
  • Then stick to furniture with the same styles.
  • Experiment with patterns, but be careful not to overdo it. Always go back to your mood board, and keep your patterns in line.
  • Don’t ignore the small details. They can make or break your whole setup.

Final Thoughts

Designing your home interiors is a great opportunity to channel your creativity and create your very own version of paradise. Yet when it’s unguided, the whole effort can turn out futile, frustrating, and expensive. So make sure you start and end on the right path. Follow these tips, stick to the plan, and have fun seeing your imagination come to life.