There are many companies in the UK that install soft protective surfaces in play areas, driveways or MUGAs. Amongst them is Soft Surfaces Ltd, a leading company in this industry. Due to the companies high standards, its popularity is increasing by the day.

The demand for soft surfaces in play areas, driveways or MUGAs is continuing rise as well. The reason for this is simple, they provide a safe and eye appealing area, so parents are more inclined to take their kids to play areas where soft surfaces are installed.

Nursery play areas often install wet pour rubber for kids comfort and safety. This preferred option by many because of its two-layered system with its ability to absorb impact. This surfacing can be installed in an infinite number of designs and colors depending on the requirements of the customer.

Another common place they install wet pour surfacing is in school playgrounds. These designs tend to be more educational oriented than in other places to encourage student participation in active learning. The soft surfaces Ltd also offers a selection of play equipment that compliments the surfacing they provide.

Besides playground surfacing, the company installs surfacing designed for outdoor sports facilities. The favorite choice of many for this application is the MUGA surfacing. This multi-purpose surfacing material offers great versatility and is suitable for sports like tennis, basketball, and netball can be played on these surfaces, and they can be colored in any color you like.

Soft Surfaces Ltd installs artificial grass pitches as well. This surface is popular for sports like rugby, soccer; it provides a natural type feel to the playing surface. The only disadvantage of this surface is it’s a high-maintenance material, but Soft Surfaces will also look after it and ensure that your play area will maintain its quality for the longest time possible.

They also install driveways with a wide variety of options to choose from. The main purpose of installing driveways is for appearance, you can be sure they will look good for a long time without any issues and provide an extra playing area for children.

Resin bonded paving is a stone surface, and it has to be installed on a hard surface. After installation, the feeling it gives is that of loose gravel. It is durable and doesn’t require maintenance.

The macadam surface is the perfect surface for driveways because it can withstand heavy vehicles and traffic. It is maintenance and comes in a range of suitable colours. If you want to impress your neighbors, then we clearly recommend this type of surface for your driveway. It gives a premium look that will make any pedestrian passing by to wish to have it on their driveway.

The popularity of these surfaces is increasing; they are eye-catching for children and adults while being safe, durable and for an affordably priced. The Soft Surfaces Ltd team will make sure that everything is installed properly and they will assist in your purchase at every step if needed as well as assisting with any required future maintenance issues.