Imagine inviting guests to your place for dinner and then finding them screaming because they saw a bug around. Embarrassing right? Well, apart from the embarrassment, bugs are just annoying. After all who wants to listen to the irritating buzzing of that housefly?

Hence, we all agree that bugs don’t belong to the home. However, sometimes keeping them out may seem like a losing battle as the tiny creatures can creep through any possible crack or hole. Moreover, research shows that at any point in time there are around ten quintillions (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) bugs in the world, which translates into 200 million bugs per person. Sounds preposterous!

Unfortunately, you cannot do much about their population because they are an important part of the food chain. However, you can try to at least keep these creatures out of your home. To do that, you need to understand that like human beings these bugs also survive on food and shelter. And to get rid of them you need to cut off their food supply and seal their hiding places.

Below we discuss the tips that you can use to maintain your home and keep it bug-free:

 1. Keep your house clean

The least you could do to keep out those bugs is to make sure that your house is clean, especially your kitchen. It is not only you who crave for midnight snacks, bugs do that too. Hence, if there are crumbs lying around on your kitchen counter, the bugs will follow. Also, don’t keep the dirty dishes lying around for long; wash them as soon as you are done with eating.

Remember, different types of bugs like different types of foods. For example, most of the bugs such as ants are attracted to the sweet stuff, while others go after dried fruits, pasta or nuts. So make sure to seal the containers and the packets. Also, bugs love your pet’s food, so take care of that too.

Trash cans are the most attractive food sources of bugs, so take out the trash regularly. Also, vacuuming can be a real hassle, but you need to have a regular schedule to protect your house from infestation.

Use a drain cleaner regularly to clean the kitchen and bathtub sinks. Drain flies love to hang out in these places, and then they sneak out for food when the way is clear.

Certain bugs also love the damp areas. So make sure there are no leaky pipes or drains. Also, check if your air conditioner and washing machine are working properly. For the damp areas of the house such as the attic or the basement, get a dehumidifier.

2. Seal those cracks

Apart from cutting off their food source, you also need to cut off their entry. For this, you need to make sure that all those cracks are sealed up. Start from the windows. If bugs are coming even after netting, there must be some other point of entry. Check for any tiny holes. If there are any, close them with a cotton ball. To the bugs, it looks like a spider web, and so they try to stay away from it. Next, check the doors. Gaps around the doors are potential points of entry. Try to opt for tight-fitting thresholds for your doors.

The outside of your home can also make an environment for bugs’ entry. Look out for any plants that are touching the structure of your house. The bugs will use them as a bridge to enter your place. Not just the bugs, they will also provide an entry system to mice and squirrels. So, trim any tree branches that hang over your roof or are too close to your window.

3. Try natural ways

Even after all the precautions, if your house gets infected with bugs somehow, don’t panic. You can always opt for fumigation. However, pesticide exposure comes with a cost, monetary as well as health wise. Pesticides can cause headaches, dizziness and skin irritations. Research also shows that kids exposed to pesticides are at a greater risk of developing cancer. However, don’t worry, you can try certain natural ways to get rid of them.

While we all love cinnamon, ants hate it. Yes, they really do. So all you need to do to get rid of those tiny persistent pests is to sprinkle some cinnamon at their points of entry. And they will not dare to cross the line. Ants are also not fond of cucumbers; they have a natural instinct to avoid its smell. You can cut slices of bitter cucumber and place them around your house. They will also keep your cat out for some time.

Want to get rid of spiders? Shower them with white vinegar. White vinegar contains acetic acid, which is not really spider-friendly. Mix some white vinegar with water and then spray on any cracks or possible entry points of spiders.

Cockroaches can be a real pain. Not only they are creepy and detested, but they are also the most difficult creatures to get rid of. The best way to get rid of them is perhaps the mixture of sugar and boric acid. Sugar lures them to treat themselves, and the boric acid kills them. Sprinkle this magic powder in the nooks and cracks, behind the refrigerator, and along the edges of cabinets. You will eventually get rid of these annoying pests.

Moreover, fruit flies can be really irritating too. They can catch the scent of fruits from a mile away and will attack your place as soon as you get some fruits. You can get rid of them with a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. Place the mixture in a bowl and the fruit flies will drown in it.

Other than these natural ingredients, you can use plant-based pest control solutions that are not harmful to health.

Keeping your house bugproof can be a difficult task because these tiny creatures can come in from a place you have not even imagined. However, regular maintenance of the house and certain precautionary measures can help you out. Remember, take action as soon as you see a single bug because these things multiply in no time.

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