If we’re talking about the one area in our homes that benefits greatly from even the smallest decorative element, it’s got to be the kitchen. As we all know, in-built kitchen cabinets are usually made to a standard size and that can very well translate to a dull and boring space. If you’re looking for some simple kitchen renovation ideas, you might want to start off easy first.

There’s definitely lots of option you can consider when it comes to enhancing the visual impact of your kitchen (and no, we’re not just going to touch on changing the looks of your cabinets). In fact, out of all the rooms in your home, you might want to give this personal and public area more consideration since it’s definitely the next popular communal space after the living and dining area.

Paint Your Heart Out

Yes, you heard it: paint. To achieve a simple kitchen redesign, all it takes is basically a fresh coat of wall paint that compliments your existing cabinets and fixtures. It’s something that’s easy enough to accomplish on your own and the best part about it is that you can take your own sweet time over your available weekends.

If you’re pretty happy with your wall colour then, you can also consider repainting your cabinets. Just be sure to get the proper equipment before you start your masterpiece as you wouldn’t want to end up with a mess. Model-Home Makeover provides kitchens renovation ideas to enhance the interior style of your home.

Add the Breath of Life

You couldn’t possible ask your pets to enhance your kitchen if they’re free to roam the house, so your next best option is some beautiful flowers or a refreshing plant. If you can keep up with the occasional watering, you can definitely go with this method to easily achieve your kitchen remodelling ideas.

For those who would prefer their plants to come with roots, you can opt for easy-to-care for options such as English Ivy and Aloe Vera, but if you prefer a more colourful addition, there’s also Bromeliads and cactus varieties with flowers. Certain plants require more sunlight, so you’ll need to get that sorted out before purchasing your new kitchen enhancement.

Invest in a Backsplash

This is obviously not a requirement, but it can make all the difference between a plain-looking kitchen and a more attractive one. A tasteful backsplash can either stand out on its own or compliment your existing kitchen design, so you’ll need to decide which to go for. Small mosaic tiles are a popular choice, but you can also go with a shiny stainless steel sheet for that ultra modern feel.

Choose the Right Hardware

Even the tiniest detail is enough to throw your entire kitchen design into disarray. Take cabinet and drawer handles for example. Not only do you regularly hold onto it to open and shut doors, the design also determines how comfortable you are in completing those actions. We also know that a change of hardware can instantly transform a more traditional kitchen into a contemporary one, so do keep this in mind the next time you intend to switch up your kitchen looks.

Display Your Items

Disregarding the potential cleaning and maintenance that comes along with displaying your kitchen items and tableware, this is something you can use to provide your kitchen with a livelier feel. Although there’s definitely something appealing about closed doors and minimal detail, there’s also a lot to be said for getting your things out into the open for all to see.


An open shelf concept is the way to go about this, but if you’re worried about the amount of dust that’s bound to accumulate, you can switch out the front panels of your cabinets with a glass option instead.

Adjust the Height

Sometimes, just adding to the overall height of your kitchen is enough to totally transform this homey space. In fact, if your cabinets are built right up to the ceiling, you’ll end up with a lot of storage space, but not a lot of visual space. This is a rather more expensive option and will not be available in certain scenarios, but if you have the budget, you should consider elevating your kitchen ceiling in order to provide a more light and airy atmosphere.