In the world full of technological inventions, we can’t be sure of one perfect thing. IF you are looking for best kitchen benchtops then you should select engineered benchtops because it is an admixture of resin and quartz (almost ninety-four percent). These benchtops ensure almost every benefit like durability, resistance, and low maintenance. To augment to this, engineered benchtops are available in a plenitude of color options which could be suitably implemented to amplify one’s home decoratively.

Why Settle for Engineered Benchtops?

The benefit of resistance to abrasions or other stringent conditionings is perhaps the factor that surmounts the rest. Engineered benchtops are resistant to almost everything, be it liquid, heat, scratches, chips, stains and the like. This maintains the high demand for this alternative where implementation is carried out in almost every household.

The other important and deciding factor about engineered benchtops is that one could easily engineer to suit their demands. This means that the slab could be tailor-made into whichever color or style in designing one prefers. Indubitably, this versatility is bolstering them to go a long way.

As mentioned above, engineered benchtops are highly durable. But it owes this completely to the high presence of quartz- an extremely sturdy component for products. Engineered benchtops thus become a good investment to make without the fear of repairs or damage. 

Finally, their remarkably low maintenance is almost self-evident through the myriad properties they manifest. This flexible contraption is a boon for homeowners who want to limit costs and go big on uses.

Tips While Using Engineered Benchtops

  • Indulge in basic cleaning and maintaining the basic cleanliness of one’s engineered benchtops is crucial. The salubrious option would be to wipe it periodically using warm water or other cleaning products which promise the right pH balance. It is always better to use a soft wiping agent other than an abrasive substance.
  • Albeit quartz slabs are durable they might exhibit brittleness across the edges of the surface. Requisite appropriations must be taken so as to avoid the edges getting chipped too easy.
  • Engineered benchtops are quite heat resistant. However, it is not advisable to put extremely hot utensils right away on top of its surface.
  • Engineered benchtops are also stained resistant but only partially. This requires a typical user to not leave a stain unattended for a long time. Cleaning the surface of the bench top regularly or right after an accidental spill or accumulated dust keeps it safe from unwanted marks and prints.

The Best Engineered Benchtops to Buy

  1. Dekton: These are the most lightweight of the lot (slabs have a width of just 8mm) and exhibit all the properties of natural engineered benchtops. This means that they are heat and scratch resistant. The benefit of using a Dekton Benchtop is the promise it offers of not wearing off the color on top.
  2. Silestone: Although these are not quite heat resistant, Siltstone will offer all resistance from scratches, stains and even bacteria. On top of this, they are non-porous will thwarts spillage from seeping into layers of the stone.
  3. Paperock: They are the most heat resistant of the lot (up to 180 degrees) but have limited options on choices of color.
  4. Laminex: An overall affordable option, Laminex beautifully emulates the natural look of a stone benchtop and is a great option for a pocket-friendly refurbishment. 

Engineered benchtops have beautifully steered kitchen, bathroom and other workplaces for the better. Before one jump into the option of investment careful measures and perspicacity is mandatory on a suitable choice, and cleaning agents necessary for the same.