It is human nature that he never remains satisfied with what he has, he always needs change. People living in an apartment need their own homes, who are living in homes dream of villas and people living in villas they are also not satisfied. If you are noticing that your demeanor has changed with your family and you feel burdened as soon as you step inside the home then it might be associated with your home décor. John Mayer says that

Life is like a box of crayons.”

Colors do affect human nature. You use light and refreshing colors, themes, animations and cartoon pictures in your kid’s room. Why? That’s because you know all kids love colors and cartoons. Remember that not just the kids, colors also fascinate elders. It is quite normal you are fed-up with your wall colors. The way out is rather simple, you need an apt Interior Exterior Painter to suggest new paint idea for your home modification plan.

How Do Colors Affect Your Psyche?

Have you ever thought that a thin film of color on your wall has a direct effect on your psyche? If you are the one who has selected this color then it shows a part of your personality. If it has never crossed your mind then start thinking about it now because colors have their impact on you. Ancient people living in Greek, Chinese and Japanese civilizations cured various diseases using colors and they called it color therapy. Contemporarily, psychologists and expert interior painters opine a change in the wall color can change your mood as well. Which is why there is a variety of colors and shades in the market. Painters even mix different colors and experiment with them to bring marvelous results for you. Such paints have the potential to change your mood.

Effects of Black Colored Walls

What does come to your mind when you think of the black color? Yes, people find it as an indication of evil and demons but that has nothing to do with reality. Egyptians in ancient times used to take black color as a sign of life and rebirth. Many painters are effectively utilizing this color to calm things down in your home interior. It can easily complement the bright decorations in your home by dumping their effect. If you have used red color excessively in your home décor then consider adding a black patched wall at home and see the difference.

Impacts of Yellow Walls

Yellow is the color which enhances the effects of sunlight in your home and imparts a radiant look. It is best suited for living room and bathrooms where you need the colors which can make your home look wide. However, it is also a fact that yellow reflects too much light which annoys many people. Many interior paint service providers have a view that the yellow color used in bedrooms make babies cry. It is better to not use this color as the main theme rather mix it with some other colors.

Results of Using Blue Color in Walls

If you are planning a home modification then blue is the most convenient option. You can use it in various places inside your home. Shades and styles available in blue are outnumbered. You can mix and match this color with other colors as well. It has soothing and relaxing effects on your mood. You can see that people love the skies and oceans because of their wideness. So, if you desire similar results in your home then try different shades of blue in the interior of your home. People are even hiring local exterior painters to install this color in the exterior of their homes.

Use of White Color in Home Décor

White is a safe option whether you have to paint the interior or exterior of your home. People ask their exterior painters to use various shades of white for their exterior home décor. Many people think of it as a symbol of purity, serenity, and calmness. The white color also imparts an illusion of an open and wide place. People having narrow places and plan to redo the home décor they are advised to use the white color for their walls. There is just one constraint associated with it. People having kids in their home can face some unpleasant circumstances because kids in growing age think that the whole world is their canvas and they can paint anywhere. Color stains are more prominent on white color than any dark color.

Effects of Pink Wall Paint

Presently, people have associated this lively color with females. People design the rooms of their daughters with pink color; however, it is merely a myth that this color is solely associated with girls. It is a bright color that indicates romance and love. Many shades of pink can be used to bring life to your home. Researchers have also confirmed that pink cause the calmness of nerves. There is a therapeutic treatment given to prisoners by using pink color. They are placed in cells where walls are pink, it makes their nerves calm and treats their aggressive nature.

Orange Color in Walls and Its Outcomes

Orange is a lively color that is best suited for exercise rooms and gyms. It is better not to use this color as a theme in bedrooms and living rooms. In olden days people used to think that orange color has healing powers for lungs.

Use of Purple in Your Place

Purple and indigo are the colors which impart the luxury outlook to your place. It also gives a mysterious and romantic ambiance; however, a better option to have changed in mood and home interior. One of the best things about this color is that you can combine it with some light tones colors and use it in both homes and offices.

Effects of Green Walls

If you have decided to get a green color while remodeling your home then it is one of the

best options. It can effectively be used in offices because it depicts prosperity and provides relief to your stress.