If you want to set up your own web hosting company then you will have to make a few decisions. Such as setting up your data center, buying servers, hiring system, and network admins that will take care of your servers and a support team to look into the technical issues of your clients and more. We know how stressful all this activity could be.

What if we tell you that you can set up your web hosting company without doing all of these?

Yes, this is possible if you resell web hosting services after buying it from a provider. You simply have to choose the best web hosting provider that allows reselling of the services and pick a suitable plan. And that’s all; you are all set to set up a web hosting company and be your own boss.

Your task will only include a little bit of research like which web hosting company offers the best hosting reseller, what are the features included in the package etc. Making the right choice will take your business to the next level. At the same time, you can land into trouble if you choose a web hosting provider that fails to deliver good performance and uptime. This then impacts the client’s website performance, their website traffic as well as rankings.

In this article, we will give you an overview of MilesWeb reseller hosting that you may consider when starting your company. This web hosting provider is truly reliable and will help in serving top-notch performance to your clients.

MilesWeb- Who Are They?

MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company whose goal is to provide web hosting services at an affordable price. They’re located in Nashik, Maharashtra, and settled in 2012. The MilesWeb reseller hosting plan is perfect for your company if you are a designer or developer.

Their support service is superior, as they provide 24/7/365 days of quality support and can be linked via chat, email, and phone. Because of their Tier – 3 and Tier – 4 data centers which provide uptime of 99.95%, your website will be live all the time. However, at any point of time if you feel unsatisfied with their services you can ask them for a refund within the 30 days.

Let’s take a look at Reseller plans of MilesWeb:

They have a wide range of reseller hosting plans to choose from:

  • cPanel reseller hosting – Linux reseller hosting
  • Plesk Windows reseller
  • Unlimited Linux reseller
  • Unlimited Windows reseller

All these plans offer great features at economical prices. Although all of these plans offer different features, some common features are included in all of them, let’s take a look at those.

Features of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

Free Migration

Free migration from your old hosting service comes with the purchase of your MilesWeb reseller plan.  All the migration process is carried out carefully for all your hosting accounts under your reseller account.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts all the data that is being transmitted over the website so that it can only be accessed by the intended recipient. All the MilesWeb reseller hosting plans are integrated with a free SSL certificate ensuring the safety of your website from hackers and data theft.

Free Domain Reseller

Being a domain reseller you get a wide variety of more than 400 domain extensions and TLDs that you can sell to your customers to make a profit. This is a time for you to extend your reach by becoming a domain reseller, adding value to your daily earnings. A domain is the cornerstone of every online company and you will always find someone who needs it. Take the moment, and make the most of it with a domain reseller that comes with MilesWeb reseller hosting plans.

cPanel Control Panel

The cPanel allows the customers to access their own hosting account so that they can handle their addresses, domains, and websites from a web-based GUI. You are granted the ability to control their disk space and bandwidth use, with the right to suspend and terminate your clients’ accounts. For websites hosted on Windows platform, you get Plesk control panel that comes with Windows reseller hosting.

100% White Labeled

With MilesWeb reseller hosting you can sell web hosting under your own brand name. So, your clients won’t know that you are a reseller.

Web Host Manager (WHM)

With the master management tool of cPanel-WHM, you can manage all the cPanel accounts of your clients under a single dashboard.  WHM allows multiple cPanel accounts to be created and handled with limitless websites, emails, etc.

100% SSD Storage

If supreme speed is your preference then SSD storage is all you need. Traditional HDD drives get you nowhere, while websites stored on SSD servers accelerate your website’s performance. All the websites hosted at MilesWeb server are hosted on SSDs.

One-click installer

Softaculous one-click installer helps you to install in only a few clicks 400 plus apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. In a few seconds, you and your clients will install certain applications.

Free Website Builder

A free website builder offers you two basic steps to create a drag-and-drop website. Without any coding and programming experience, you and your customers can create a professional website, simply by placing the content in the readily accessible themes.

Datacenter choice

You can pick the location of the data center for your reseller plan. In multiple countries, they have set up their servers which effectively cover the global space.

Malware Scan & Protection

MilesWeb is committed to protect your website from malware and keep it safe. Websites are tested daily to block the viruses that attack the system and fix it for you if any threat is found.

Email Service

Send or receive emails from your domain. Set up a professional email account with an email id. You can access it via Webmail based on a browser that supports POP3/IMAP email accounts which allow you to access emails wherever you go.

Bottom Line

You must have thought the article worth it as a newbie, right? So it’s time for your company to start and earn a good profit. In short, along with the best features, you start the company at minimal investment by becoming MilesWeb reseller.