It is never easy to figure out how best to organise your garden, especially when the weather is not stable. As we all know, there are days when the weather is too hot, others when the wind is too strong and there is no point in staying out in the cold. In other words, it is very difficult to find the right weather conditions for relaxing in the open air at home. There is actually a way that allows anyone who wants to enjoy their garden a little more to do so, even when the climate is not ideal. One of the most popular solutions, indeed, is to buy a shade sail. Once installed, it offers people protection from the heat, wind and rain, allowing them to stay outdoors for much longer. The only problem with picking a shade sail is choosing the right one for the situation. In fact, although there are many different sizes, it sometimes happens that one’ s garden does not meet the standard canons. In this case, our advice is to create a custom size shade sail. Below you will find all the features you need to pay attention to, in order to make a successful purchase.


It may seem obvious, but it’s really not. Taking measurements is the most difficult part of buying  a sun sail. In fact, many people calculate spaces without taking into account some important factors, such as the height, the distance between the corners and the pitch of the blind. Before finalising your payment, therefore, make sure you talk to an expert in the field. In the Maanta shop, for example, you can easily get in touch with an operator who will explain everything you need to know.


Many people think that buying a shade sail is enough to ensure the best possible enjoyment of days outdoors. However, this is not actually true. As a matter of fact, there are a number of accessories that will allow you to customise your product even more. For example, Maanta offers kits to its customers with important tools inside, such as hooks. Using the hooks, customers can easily loosen or stretch the sail fabric. Moreover, we strongly recommend the use of poles, which allow you to change the inclination as you wish.


Apart from customising the measurements, it is also important to understand exactly what the sail is intended for. There are many different models, and each one is able to meet different needs. For example, not all models are waterproof, because some people prefer to buy a tent that is only meant to be used in the summer season and is therefore not permanent. This way, once the warmer months are over, they can remove it from the garden. So, determine exactly what you want to do with the awning before you buy it, and you will surely make a perfect investment!