When you’re decorating your house, everyone usually focuses on the statement pieces. The gorgeous velvet centerpiece sofa, the mid-century modern dining table, the reclaimed wood bed frame for the bedroom. These all contribute to making your house a home, but the best way to reflect your personal style is through the details—the finishing touches. What better way to showcase your personality in every room and make it truly yours? A home should tell a story—here are some ways to tell yours.

Laundry room: go crazy with wallpaper, which is trendy again.

If wallpaper brings you back to your stuffy grandparent’s house, think again. Wallpaper is back in a big way and it’s one of the best finishing touches you can use to impress your guests and really define a space. The laundry room is one of the best places to use wallpaper because the walls are not very big, so you have more room to make a big impact. Use a really bold or unique print without overwhelming most of the house.

Bathroom: use unique mirrors to define the space.

Let’s face it: when someone is using the bathroom, they’re there for only a few reasons—and one of them is to see how they look. By using different mirrors in the room, you add layers and dimension to the space without having to add any furniture to a room which is usually already cramped. Try trendy round wood mirrors, framed mirrors in unique shapes, or even multiple full length mirrors if you have the space. The best part is that this can be a complete DIY project if you have the time and inclination.

Kitchen: use open shelving to display your dishes.

Everyone is into the open look these days, but it can be a struggle to keep things organized, especially in the kitchen. Enter, open shelving. You can display your fine china, special vases, and favorite mugs in the kitchen. This will give the room a homey feel and make the entire space more inviting to guests and family members alike.

Living room: house plants are key.

Being a plant parent these days is as easy as picking up a fiddle leaf fig at the local home goods store, but adding other smaller plants for variety is the finishing touch that brings a room to life. Try a plant in a hanging pot or a series of succulents on the window sill. According to House Method, you can make your living room a tad bit cozier by adding your favorite coffee table books to the center of your room, a lush spider plant for a touch of freshness, and warm, cozy scents to make guests feel right at home. The pop of green will be the perfect added detail to make a room feel warm, lived in and fresh.

Bedroom: use rugs to finish the space.

Everyone needs a soft rug to put their feet on first thing in the morning, but don’t overlook the main area of the room. Add a large Persian rug for color and texture or use a bamboo rug to temper warmer colors. Use soft rugs in the master bedroom to make using the bathroom a spa-like experience. According to Vogue, make sure you’re using the right size rug and find one that reflects your personality.