Have you ever been at a creative standstill, confused as for how to build your dream website with limited options to choose from? I am pretty sure that many website developers can relate to this frustrating problem. Visual composer which is essentially a WordPress page builder is the answer to this problem. It comes as a plugin which boasts more than 1.5 million downloads. In its initial days, Virtual composer came as a preinstalled builder with a dozen popular themes and was fairly simple to use.

The new and improved plugin has a clean modern interface and offers an extensive library of elements and a drag and drop interface for which it is mostly known for. As previously was done, the drag and drop interface replaces the point and click method of adding text and images to your posts and pages.

There are several themes in this collection that can help you in building an advanced layout of rows and columns and then integrating them further with the elements and modules provided by Virtual Composer’s large library. Another fact that can benefit a user is if one develops an immediate liking to a particular theme but there is a certain aspect that you do not like, Virtual composer, can help you make those changes in a jiffy.

Now we would like to talk about several of the best fresh WordPress themes with Virtual composer available and in popular use at the moment:

  • Marketing Pro – Visual composer Marketing WordPress Theme

Marketing Pro is a WordPress theme that has been a popular choice in the marketing industry. It comes with an array of 11 different premade homepage designs that can cater to almost all marketing and business related websites. This can be used to create and build websites for marketers, consulting professionals, SEO agencies, landing pages, and high profile corporate brands. This theme is endowed with 6 different blog layouts and some unique header styles as well.

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  • Aprimo – App landing Visual Composer WordPress Theme

The best thing about the Aprimo is that it is a comparatively modern WordPress theme with a contemporary outlook. In addition, it has many different colorful designs. Aprimo works delightfully well in setting up and creating landing web pages for web and mobile applications. It is composed of 9 different homepage designs and has quite many impressive headers, background styles, and particle effects. They have 11 different page designs and the cherry on top is that it supports WooCommerce as well.

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  • Ecom – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme really has the ability to woo a user. It has designs that can easily be customized to any sorts and have the support for 30 different shortcode materials. It was originally created by the Virtual Composer and a unique feature of this builder is that it has a sidebar creator which helps in the much-needed task of creating your own striking sidebars. It comes with a free copy of the Revolution slider as well, which, yet again, may prove to be really helpful for any user.

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  • Acerola – Minimalist Visual Composer WordPress Theme

It is a 100% responsive One and multi-page theme with awesome parallax effects. Acerola is a minimalist theme which can be a great medium for setting up agency websites, creative portfolios, and even small or mini online shops. It is originally built with Virtual Composer and is compatible with WooCommerce and WPML. They also have blog designs and a shop which stands out from the rest due to its minimalistic charm.

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  • The Barber Shop – One- page Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Now moving on to some interesting stuff, The Barbershop is a one -page WordPress theme which can help trim and shape a hair salon, barber shop or even a beauty salon page or website. It has different retro and funky themes and designs with a fixed sidebar menu that can help to search the website. There is a live editor that can help you select from a palette of different colors and customizable designs.

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  • Stash – a Multipurpose Virtual Composer WordPress theme

As opposed to what the name suggests, Stash is also a neatly organized design with a minimalistic look. It has a design which is easy to work with and can be molded and customized in any way you deem to be right. They boast a whopping 48 premade Homepage designs and other 260-page builders, which are great for creating unique pages. These vast choices are a more suitable reason for it to be called Stash.

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  • Brisk – Creative Visual Composer WordPress Theme

Calling out all those Michelangelo’s and Da Vinci’s, Brisk leaves no canvas unturned in catering for all the budding artists and designers to showcase their work. It is a perfect creative Visual Composer WordPress theme that enables artists, designers, and other creative professional individuals to create their own portfolios. The theme is fitted with 23 premade home page designs that offer demos, a variety of portfolio layouts which have a dozen different project page designs. Not only this, but they also have blog layouts.

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  • Pexr – Responsive Multipurpose Visual Composer WordPress Theme

Now since we are living in the 21st century, it makes sense to be more practical and acknowledge anything that offers dual function or better yet is multipurpose. In this case, Pexr fits the description and acts as a multipurpose theme that helps you juggle and create different kinds of websites for business and corporate use. , layouts, landing pages, portfolios and you name it. They have 10 different homepage designs that can fit any use, 5 header and menu styles and over 100-page designs.

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  • Wizard – Full page Portfolio WordPress Theme

Well admit it, all of us have wished at one point in our lives to have our very own personal wizard at our beck and call. We might just say that your wish might be coming true. Wizard is another option in portfolio creation in the fullscreen WordPress category. It makes sure that it blows away all tough competition at the flick of its wand. You might want to consider it due to the plethora of website selection demos it offers and the premium plugins that come with it. In the near future, it will have an increasingly heavy fanbase.

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  • EOVO Visual Composer WordPress Theme

This theme qualifies as being quite a looker and eye-catching. It was built to please the ones who like to please their eyes. With its stylish aesthetics, it can be used to create an e-commerce or creative website. It has 8 different increasingly pleasing layouts for creative purposes and three other layouts that specifically cater to e-commerce websites. They have different functions and come with some additional plugins such as Virtual composer, Slider Revolution, Ultimate Add-ons for a Virtual composer, WooCommerce, WPML, and others. It comes with a step by step manual configuration that makes everything a piece of cake.

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