Parental control in this present digital world has turned out to be a baffling task, particularly with the growing technological advancements in the mobile industry. Nowadays, teenagers are not just interested in gaming consoles, but they just keep demanding smartphones for their birthdays or as a reward of a good result in school and colleges from their parents. Providing their kids with the best possible life, parents are always looking for opportunities on rewarding them for any good behavior or result. In most cases, parents do not have any other choice other than buying their teenager, the best smartphone available in the market. In such circumstances, having a best smartphone monitoring software in the phone can be the excellent choice.

Teenagers like to explore and to get exposure to new trending topics which could only be possible through surfing the internet. As a parent, we all know that the internet is not a safe haven for teenagers. We all know that smartphones are taking their grips over the world. There are over 2.6 billion smartphone users globally and the number is expected to grow to 6 billion by 2020. Above two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone users and these gadgets are the key entry point to this online world.

There are real threats which could land your teenager in agony while surfing on the internet. Before any of these things could happen, it is never too late to invest in a good and reliable smartphone monitoring software. In other words, there are multiple benefits of using these smartphone monitoring apps which we are going to discuss here.

Protects from adult or vulgar contents:

The internet is no doubt good for knowledge but at the same time it is full of garbage contents. For a teenager, adult or vulgar content can leave a negative impact on them and can subsequently change their behavior. Adult or vulgar contents could be

  • Sexting sites
  • Pornography websites
  • Drugs and Alcohol related sites
  • Gambling contents
  • Violent contents

It can even be possible that they may reach to a point of sexting with other individuals without taking parents into knowledge. They can misuse internet anytime at anyplace and will subsequently jeopardize their future. The smartphone monitoring software will help parents in this matter by getting a report of adult or vulgar contents by blocking them so that the teenager won’t be able to access them. It will give parents brief information about text messages, call logs, emails, internet history etc.



Tracks Every Activity And Location:

These are the main features of smartphone monitoring software’s that they can track every activities performed by the teenagers within the smartphone. It can eventually tract the location of teenager as it is embedded with sophisticated technology like GPS which gives the exact location along while traveling. A parent can even check to see if their teenagers are at school or college attending their classes. Parents usually get worried about their teens bunking and skipping classes just to go somewhere else. These smartphone monitoring software’s will make it possible for them to know the exact picture behind their back. It also allows parents to listen and record what is happening in the surroundings of their teenager by automatically invoking microphone and video of the smartphone. Using such software is a treat for parents to track and locate their child through GPS, anytime and anywhere.

Protect Your Teen From Potential Online Threat:

A potential threat on the internet can come in any form and being unaware of the situation, your teen can easily fell for the bait. Secure your teen’s data; do not let any data getting into the hands of intruders. Try to install special encryption extensions. Installing the smartphone monitoring software will nullify the potential threat or risk and you can pass this information to other parents, relatives or friends too giving them some insight about potential online threats.

Easily Finds The Stolen Or Lost Gadget:

It is always difficult to find your teen’s stolen smartphone. It is somehow possible that they may have forgotten it in the classroom or at a friend’s place. If the smartphone gets snatched somewhere, without a tracker you won’t be able to locate it. With these software’s you can easily track the geographic location of the device and can catch the snatcher.

Get To Know Their Friends Circle:

These smartphone monitoring software will enable you to know the friend circle of your teen without even meeting hem. This will enable you to know who your teen is communicating and meeting with daily. The aim of parents should be to safeguard their teens from cyber threat, cyber bullying and other potential threats.

Here is the list of some best smartphone monitoring software’s:

  1. Spyzie:

Spyzie can be installed on the target device and on the device used for monitoring quite easily. Spyzie is compatible with android devices which are running 4.0 or latest versions and for IOS devices which are running 10.0 or latest versions. You can get access to the dashboard offering real-time location and information once the installation process is complete.

  1. Fonemonitor:

Fonemonitor is now considered to be one of the best smartphone monitoring softwares for having a reliable monitoring system. You simply need to have this amazing application on your PC, laptop or mobile browser and you can start tracking activities in no time. First register for the account and sign up. Install the application on the device that you would like to track. Log in by using your credentials and soon you will see the dashboard where logs will get recorded.

  1. Mobistealth:

Mobistealth is considered to be one of the perfect smartphone montoring software. It can monitor both PC’s and smartphones. This application does not require any rooting as it will install the application on a target device just in a few minutes.

Mobistealth has been in the market for a long time and has successfully managed to bring in positive reviews from the individual users. This application is designed in a way to help employers and parents to keep a track on their employees and children smartphone activities. Once mobistealth is installed on a target device, it subsequently starts recording and monitoring all the activities taking place on the particular device and then send back the same information to parents or employers Mobistealth account.

In a Nutshell: 

These smartphone monitoring software works best for parents who want to keep a track of their teenager’s online activities so as to protect them from online threats such as cyber bullying, getting in touch with pedophiles and pornography. These monitoring tools help parents to provide a safe online experience to their teenagers.

As far as employers are concerned, they can set up these monitoring tools at work especially if they don’t have much time to keep an eye on every single employee at work.

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