The world is certainly moving on from natural grass to artificial turfs. Although the charm of the fresh dew spread on the grass in the morning and the coldness that it provides remain unbeatable, the artificial patches bring in more comfort and beauty to any part of your house. Their significance increases in places which are prone to prolonged drought and other similar factors.

As the artificial turfs are constantly evolving to become more real and at times even better, it also provides a great variety which have varying characteristics to confuse any home owner at the same time. However, this is where we are going to help you today as understanding the types of artificial grass in the market should be your top most priority before you go out to type “Best Synthetic Grass for Sale in Orange County CA” on the internet.

We are going to explain each turf based on traits like looks, feel, durability, and cost that together can assist in identifying what should you really bring into your house.

  1. Nylon

Starting off with the strongest in the list, nylon is typically known for its stiff blades and due to that it also remains in the original form for a very long time as well. Therefore this type of artificial grass works extremely well in areas with foot traffic is usually high or sports as well. Nylon can withstand high temperatures without any actual impact on its stability. However, the only disadvantage of nylon is that it is fairly expensive.

By material, nylon does look like natural grass but it is solely used to produce secondary thatch in high-end synthetic turf products and for adding more greens.

  1. Polypropylene

For those of you who can’t afford Nylon as artificial grass material, polypropylene serves as the secondary best choice that is also relatively less costly. Its fine texture offers the same real look but there will always be problems in the durability factor. Unfortunately it is least resilient, and least heat-resistant, which can deform the blades and ruin the whole


Nonetheless, you can always try out this green inside your house for its softer roll, little weight and flexible build quality.

  1. Polyethylene

If you are looking for a more life-like grass without any major compromise, then this will always be your safest bet. It comes off as very vibrantly green, have soft appeal to it and is yet very resilient. Moreover home owners can also easily maintain it with occasional brushing which refreshes the blades and cushions well. You can also try combining it with nylon as a secondary thatch for additional strength.

  1. Darwin

It’s a multi-ended UV protected turf which can bear harsh weather conditions with very little to no fading at all. It often comes in short/medium length turf and offers a feel that is not only luxurious but also looks great when placed in walkways, stairs, backyards, patios or any other corporate area.

  1. Adelaide

Adelaide 35mm Turf provides you a deal that is full of great comfort and durability. It is built with state of the art materials and going for medium length in this turf ensures stability against high traffic areas. The multi-tonal yarn brings in the real grass appeal to it, all at a very competitive price.

  1. Canberra

When you want “Artificial Turf For Sale” to place it into your lawn outside, Canberra is unbeatable! By going for this, you get a grass that is 15% cooler than the standard landscaping one, cannot be compared with any other artificial turf in terms of softness and even offers great thickness.

  1. Augusta Pro Putt

It has a true putting grass feel to it that makes it a perfect choice for a realistic playing experience outdoors.

Going through the types you now know that a lot of factors combine up together with artificial grass cost to make sure that you are getting the perfect synthetic grass patch installed at your home. But with all the details it is also important that you don’t get over whelmed in search of value for money.

The best choice can always be consulting an expert beforehand as he can always guide you better, just in case if your requirements are different from the ones listed in the types above.