The technological revolution has brought many changes in the industry. One of the major things was the advent of smartphones. This revolution has changed certain things altogether. It made it possible that we can easily connect with people living far away. Furthermore, smartphone apps have introduced many services with just a click. One of them was the business mobile apps. It transformed the traditional business mode to mobile commerce which is also known as m-commerce. There are so many Android and iOS mobile apps available on online stores. But it is very difficult to choose the right one. For this, we need to keep in mind certain things. Firstly, be clear what you are looking for.

According to a survey, on an average, a person spends two hours on a smartphone. This survey helps people to adjust their marketing ideas according to this trend. So, if you want to run a business from the mobile, then start the business from a mobile app instead of a desktop based website.  Mobile business apps should be simple and easy. So that, the targeted customers and clients can get around it in an easy way.

Easy Access to Market

Mobile apps provide a clear picture of the clients. They suggest the interests, demographics and geographical information. So this thing really helps in convincing the clients to our products and services. For instance, news feed, product features and innovative specifications such as discounted prices etc. In this way, we can make a direct contact with the customers and provide a huge benefit.

Develop Brand Recognition

Brand recognition plays an important role in developing your business. The number of times your brand appears on screen, the more it will be noticed. Experts say that a brand appearing at least 20 times stay in customers mind for a long time. So, mobile apps provide you with an opportunity to show your brand to customers with more striking and attractive discounts and sale offers. Furthermore, mobile apps have the share option; it further helps in the promotion of your brand.

Enhance Brand Accessibility

Another important factor is brand accessibility. At times, clients want to reach out to a brand. Due to lack of access, they leave the idea to connect with brand services for offering their feedback. In this way, the brand can lose a large number of customers. Mobile apps are very helpful in this regard. They link your brand to the customers through their smartphones to find desired products and services at a click’s distant.

Bring Innovation and Uniqueness

There are so many competitors and options available to customers these days. So, if your product does not bring in new ideas to meet customer interests, they will stop using your brand. Therefore, to avoid this untoward situation, you have to make your brand stand out among others with different presentations and innovative marketing ideas.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Returning customers increase your business ROI. A mobile app has the capacity to not only generate but also increase returning customers.

Provide them a Social Platform

Add a few social features to your mobile app. Where people can comment, see pictures and interact with other people. According to a study, people tend to like apps where they find their friends. These apps have sharing options on different social websites to share information with friends. This practice ultimately promotes your brand page or website.

Listen to your Customer 

Business is all about reciprocation.  What you offer, customers react to that accordingly. If you offer good options according to their interests, the customers will also respond you positively.  Another important thing is to listen to your customers, their suggestions and complaints. Pay special attention to their comments. This increases their trust in your brand.

Add online payment options for customers

Mobile business apps are a handy option for customers. So, it is very important to make payment options more convenient for customers.

Notifications for sale offers

Provide notification options for sale and offers to your customers. So, whenever you offer promotions and sale, customers get notified. This would compel them to visit your business apps and after seeing interesting offers, they would end up buying at least a few items, if not more.

Complement your website with mobile App

Many business owners do not believe in mobile apps. They believe that they have a professional website, so mobile app is not for them. It is a wrong assumption since people today spend more time on smartphones. They prefer things available on mobile apps rather than on big functional websites. So, it is very important to have a mobile business app and websites as well. It would be better to merge both options. Ask customers to like their mobile app and get some discounts etc.

Rabia is a freelancer who loves to write on technology topics such as web design, mobile apps etc. She recommends Cybervision as on the best mobile app development company in Pakistan.