Top 5 Resources to Learn Laravel Development


Laravel is one of the most popular and leading PHP frameworks among various web developers around the world. It is basically a developer-friendly framework that has little to no learning curve. Moreover, it is the most recent PHP framework that comes with advanced query syntax, making website development a lot …


User Experience and Preferences – It isn’t Always About Design

User Experience and Preferences

When it comes to web design, especially these days with the focus on user experience and preferences, lots of people put the bulk of their time and effort into the design. Whilst the design and the overall look and feel is extremely important, there are however lots of other things …


Latest Features of AngularJS 1.3: Significant Additions Worth Exploring

latest features of angularjs 1.3

The web is progressively becoming a complicated and highly competitive landscape. And so, it has become needful for developers to adopt modern tools and technologies that contribute to building quality solutions. Notably, developers who are more concerned with designing a website with good look and feel can consider opting for …


Give Your Website a New Look with HTML to WordPress Conversion

html to wordpress

HTML was the first web language which was used to create websites and other web applications. And 20 years now, everything has changed. HTML is only used to give your website a basic structure that is only static. 5 Most Popular Free WordPress Slider Plugins Worth Considering 7 Noteworthy JavaScript …


10 Best Tools for WordPress Developers

best tools for wordpress developers

In the present scenario, many WordPress users want to customize their WordPress based website or blog to promote their interest widely. They prefer to take help from either WordPress Development Company or a freelance WordPress developer. However, to cater the quality services to their customer, whether they are company or …


6 Factors to Make Your Mobile App Design A Real Success


There is more to designing a software than what meets with the eye. We take design as nothing, much but as an element which adds aesthetic value to the softwares be it a web or mobile. However, with this increasing level of competition and shrinking screen size, design is now …


Top 3 Challenges in Maintaining Visual Consistency in Web Design

challenges for Visual consistency in web design

The design choices we make can influence the users subconsciously or consciously. Essentially, your website design can make a much bigger impact on the viewers’ mind that you realize. Using BuddyPress to Transform Your WordPress Site into a Social Network 8 Best Practices for PHP Developers for Maximum Performance Whenever …


Top Live Chat Software to Use for WordPress Websites


The fast-growing online business trend is enabling each and every business website to provide the highly-efficient support to their clients, customers and users. Today, the web user/customer wants instant response for their queries. Thus, it becomes important for you to provide the quick support feature to your web customers and …


10 Elite Java Web Frameworks Web Developers Can’t Skip

best java web frameworks for web developers

The significance of web development is inevitable. We all know how imperative it is to embrace an effective and intriguing web presence to take your business a notch higher. Fortunately, with the advent of latest technology, today we have myriads of frameworks and effective tools available out there that has …