Photo Editing with Movavi Photo Editor (for Mac)

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac offers all the photo editing tools that you need without the difficulty levels like in other advanced photo editing software. With Movavi Photo Editor, you can edit blemishes in photo such as blurriness, and poor lighting. One of the plus points of Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is the sleek interface where you can find the features neatly arranged on the right toolbar. The font in the software is big and easy to read.

Movavi Mac image editor comes with the basic image enhancement tool as well as many other standard tools like resizing, rotating and adding text. The basic image enhancement tool allows you to enhance the photo through manual adjustment options. Under the adjust tab, you can sharpen a photo that have some blurry parts. You can change the overall lighting in the photo by adjusting the brightness, and contrast.

You can change the overall color tone by adjusting the hue, temperature and hint sliders. It offers lots of free visual effect filters to spice up your photo. There are also other aspects that you can make adjustment such as exposure, gamma, highlights and shadows. With the resize tool, you can reduce the photo size conveniently whenever you need smaller version of your raw photo footage. Smaller photos are useful for uploading online, share with friends through email or use as your profile avatar.

The rotate tool is useful for leveling a photo that does not look straight. There are grid lines available to help you level the photo as you drag the angle slider. You can also drag the angle slider to rotate the photo if you want the photo to purposely appear crooked. It supports 90 degrees flipping into horizontal and vertical positions.

The text editor in Movavi Photo Editor gives you access to all the fonts that are installed on your computer. If you want the text to be easy to read, you can choose font style like Helvetica or Arial. There are also some font styles provided free to use in the text editor. Background color can be added to make the text stand out on the photo. You can adjust the text input box to wrap the text around in any way you want. The typeface can be rotated to any angle until it looks right.

The background removal tool is useful for people who get frustrated when they can’t find the perfect spot to take the photo. You may find that the background of the photo is plain and boring or that it is too complicated and has too many stuff in the background. Sometimes, the background has some unwanted objects. In this case, you can find a similar background that is shot in a perfect condition to replace the original background. The background removal tool allows you to use the red brush tool mark anything that you don’t want in the background of the subjects and delete them in an instant.

The object removal tool works in the same way as the background removal tool and you also have to mark the unwanted objects with the red brush tool. If you don’t want to mark the object with the red brush tool, you can use the eraser tool to rub away the unwanted object. The background where you erased will be magically restored as if the it was not retouched at all.

The background removal tool is capable of processing multiple objects that are marked in red so you can use the red brush tool to mark as many unwanted objects as you want. You can click the undo button to undo the changes if you accidentally remove an object that you want to keep. The object removal tool is useful for removing red eyes and yellow teeth stain.

It is important to always save the original copy of the photo before you edit it. You can make mistake by accidentally saving it when it is not yet edited properly. If you want to extract certain clipart, you must remember to choose either GIF or PNG so that the photo is saved in a transparent background. If you already set a new background, you can save it in formats like JPG.